Argo 750 HDI for Water

The Argo 750 HDI with the ADMIRAL High Torque Transmission provides even torque to all 8 wheels increasing efficiency resulting in more power to the wheels for optimum performance. The Argo 750 HDI with the ADMIRAL transmission ideal for operating in water. It gives you the best capabilities to maneuver in water. Selecting low gear rotates one track forward and the other in reverse increasing the operators ability to control the Argo.

When operating on water the manufacturer recommends you do not use tracks or roll over protection structure.

On land the Argo has ground speed of 32 km/hour and on water of 5 km/hour. Our Argo fleet is maintained by a Journeyman mechanic. You will feel the difference when you rent an Argo from Ron’s Rentals.

Product Features

  • Engine
    Koler Aegis LH 775
  • Power
    31 HP
  • Fuel Capacity
    27 L
  • Drive System
    Roller Chain Driving all 8 Wheels
  • Tires
    25 x 12 x 9
  • Weight
    Dry Weight 1,250 lbs
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Ground Clearance
    9.5″ with Tires
  • Load Capacity
    1,000 lbs on water
  • Towing Capacity
    1,800 lbs
  • Ground Pressure
    2.1 PSI with Tires
  • Transmission
    ADMIRAL triple differential steering transmission with dedicated Hi and Low selector, Forward, Neutral and Reverse